The Inaugural Art Show

In  just a few years,Gurgaon has seen tremendous development .The so called Millennium City in the NCR has started attracting many people from the neighbouring  states and that has influenced the life style and cultural growth of the place..Art being part of day to day life and a mirror of civilization can not be ignored.The endless talent in the younger … Continue reading The Inaugural Art Show

Ritu Bhatnagar

Ritu is a civil engineer with masters in environment engineering. Painting has been her passion since childhood, a dream which became virtual in the convexities of married life & the upbringing of her lovely kids and the tide of studies. As the kids grew up and the motivation, inspiration & coaching from Mrs. Shobha Broota … Continue reading Ritu Bhatnagar

Gratitude 2012

National Art Center, Gurgaon has always been a motivational force and given so much to the art learners and lovers, its time to say ‘THANKS’. To mark the 33rd anniversary of the National Art Centre, Gurgaon, ARTINFOINDIA.COM (an Art Portal) has organized this art exhibition “GRATITUDE” (an art show by Gurgaon based established and upcoming … Continue reading Gratitude 2012

Artworks Gratitude 2012