Creative Painters’ & Corporate Art Workshops

Round the year Shanker Art Foundation organises art-based opportunities in the format of workshops, talks and meet-up, which are full of stimulating possibilities that allows one to ignite inspiration, activate observation and appreciate art on a much deeper and rewarding level. These formats cater to different levels and strata be it the stress buster therapy for a corporate workforce, a career option for students who want to pursue art, hobby classes for school-going children who want to learn art at their young age and creative sessions for adults who wish to explore their inculcated talents. Special attention is given to make it a fun based activity involving conceptual learning’s. Moreover, these engaging sessions aim at significantly addressing the dynamics of what goes in the making of an artwork, its representation and interpretation and how to look at it.

Creative Panters Workshop 2016 January 8-10

Art workshop 2014 March 6 with Dealers of NOKIA at The Lalit, New Delhi

Nokia Cortorate Art Workshop 2014 (8)


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