Contemporary Art Exhibitions

Every artwork has a tale to tell, and every artist has a unique style. Since the beginning, Shanker Art Foundation’s mission remains unaltered, to enrich the lives of the community through organising art exhibitions of contemporary eminent and acclaimed artists. Additionally, the foundation also aims to promote a rich variety of artistic talent, showcase new art concepts and to foster continuing artistic and career growth of its member artists through encouragement and support. Commonly it has been witnessed that budding artists often feel the pressure to take fewer risks as choices change, reasoning novel concepts keep introducing, and the financial context remains uncertain.

For Shanker Art Foundation, organising exhibitions are not just about exhibiting but giving a platform to the artworks to stand tall and narrate the story imbibed in colours, strokes and canvas. Undoubtedly, exhibitions are a favourable opportunity to showcase researched series and innovations, especially in curating, to make art exciting in a sophisticated manner. Each exhibition is planned meticulously to give audiences something unique and creative to look forward to. Both the artist and their artworks are given an equal opportunity and exposed to art patrons, art connoisseurs, critics, media, public and private organisations and investors.


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