Children Art Exhibition

The Shanker Art Foundation duly organises the art exhibition of the selected artworks of the annual ‘Children Art Contest’ winners. This is normally organised at the exclusive and known India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The purpose of hosting the exhibition is to provide the young talents with the platform to showcase the artwork at the reputed gallery and to instil in them the thought of following their dreams of becoming an artist. The exhibition is generally a month affair, and visitors can avail the opportunity to see the blooming young talent of our country. Further, the exhibition is widely covered through social and print media giving a boost to earn recognition both for children and participating institutions.

Website : http://ChildrenArtContest.COM

Poster Exhibition Colors of National Symbols 2018

Poster Exhibition Colours of National Symbols 2017.


Poster Peacock The National Bird 2014Poster Titlee 2013

Poster Titlee 2012

Book Publishing

Shanker Art Foundation has ventured into another vertical, which is book publishing. For all those first-time and veteran authors who are looking for assistance in publishing their manuscripts can get in touch with us. Our customised publishing solutions fit a variety of budgets, genres, and publishing timelines. We would take care of your needs, will provide personal guidance and support in publishing the highest quality book in a professional and timely manner. Designing, Editing, Printing all are available under one roof. Further, at Shankar Art Foundation, we design visually attractive communication collaterals like catalogues, portfolios, brochures, etc. and see that the message is communicated effectively. Moreover, printing is catered in-house.

Cover Philosophy of Life

Artist of India

Shanker Art Foundation has initiated a art portal titled http://ArtistOfIndia.COM an . The website will gracefully feature artists from India, their biographies, artworks and contact details. It’s an excellent opportunity of making the India artists come on one single platform of having inter-exchange and intra-exchange of views and opinions and further strengthening the bonding. Moreover, with the website, they get the exposure to the much more comprehensive national and international community in contact with quality artists. Artists pay nothing to be listed in the website. All one has to do is to fill up the entry form and share their details.

Website : http://ArtistOfIndia.COM

Photography Art Contest

Shanker Art Foundation organises a photography contest ‘Bharat ke Rang (Shades of India)’ every year with a sole purpose of providing an opportunity to both experience and emerging photographers from India to communicate and contribute to a prosperous image-making culture of the country. Also at the same time nurturing the talent and creating a platform for photographers to share a thought-provoking story through their clicks, which have power in influencing and stimulating the minds.
It’s a theme based contest and opens for four broad categories including Students, Women, Working People and Senior Citizens. It is organised every year, and the exhibition is held annually post the selection of the winners.
The contest is judged by a jury comprising of professionals’ photographers. The members of the panel change every year and are led by a chairperson and supported by two photographers who implement the judging procedures. The jury, chairperson and photographers are independent of the Shanker Art Foundation. Selected photographs are judged regarding concept and creativity.
The winners are awarded mementoes and certificates, and the annual photography exhibition is organised to showcase the works of the winners. Besides this, Shanker Art Foundation takes care of the social media presence of the winners.

Website :  http://BharatKeRang.COM

Bharat Ke Rang Festivals of India Phase 6

The information about our photography art competition last year, organized by us, is given below.

Poster Bharat Ke Rang


Children Art Contest

Shanker Art Foundation organises a theme based ‘Children Art Contest’ every year with a sole objective to provide talented children and amazing young artists with the platform to explore their creative talent and exhibit their concerns, thoughts and stories on a drawing sheet/canvas, which otherwise remain constrained to their individual schools and the notice boards.

Shanker Art Foundation invites children of classes preliminary to senior secondary from schools, art institute’s, hobby centres etc. spread pan India to submit their original artworks filled with ideas that describe their understanding of the theme-based topic and are encouraged to express their feelings and take on same. Individual children can also partake in the event. Moreover, this art contest is not about winning a prize but also about sharing the prodigy talent with the much larger community.

So far the Shanker Art Foundation has organised seven such contest like Titlee -The Butterfly in 2012, Titlee-The Butterfly in 2013, Peacock-The National Bird in 2014, Lotus-The National Flower in 2015, Tiger-The National Animal in 2016, Colours of National Symbols in 2017 and Colours of National Symbols in 2018.

Colours of National Symbols 2018

Website Colours of National Symbols 2017
Colours of National Symbols 2017

Tiger-The National Animal
Children Art Contest Tiger 2016

Children Art Contest Lotus 2015
Children Art Contest Lotus 2015

Children Art Contest Peacock 2014
Children Art Contest Peacock 2014

Children Art Contest Titlee 2013
Children Art Contest Titlee 2013

Children Art Contest Titlee 2012
Children Art Contest Titlee 2012

It is observed that above 200 schools and nearly 2000 children participate every year in the contest. The artworks are then methodically and comprehensively reviewed and judged by a jury, comprising of acclaimed artists, art teachers and critics. They, with their unbiased approach, select the best young artists and unanimously believe that every participant is a winner by participating in such a platform.

The winners of the competition from seven segregated groups are tabled in the category of Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, Commended Award and lastly Appreciation Award. Winners are felicitated with mementoes, medals or certificates’ depending upon the award they have won, and it reaches them through the post.

We will be announcing the next contest very soon. Keep watching this place.

Website http://ChildrenArtContest.COM

Featured Artists



Our Art Collection

We are working on subject called ‘ART the ORIGINAL’ and with ambition to introduce all our friends to concept known as ORIGINAL ART. There are things called ‘ORIGINAL’… People spend whole of their lives, when it comes to CREATING something NEW. Even the word NEW is not enough for those GOOD MARKS that people do. We just come to one category of those kind of people called, PAINTER ARTIST, they paint TRUTH & ORIGINAL

Contemporary Art Exhibitions

Every artwork has a tale to tell, and every artist has a unique style. Since the beginning, Shanker Art Foundation’s mission remains unaltered, to enrich the lives of the community through organising art exhibitions of contemporary eminent and acclaimed artists. Additionally, the foundation also aims to promote a rich variety of artistic talent, showcase new art concepts and to foster continuing artistic and career growth of its member artists through encouragement and support. Commonly it has been witnessed that budding artists often feel the pressure to take fewer risks as choices change, reasoning novel concepts keep introducing, and the financial context remains uncertain.

For Shanker Art Foundation, organising exhibitions are not just about exhibiting but giving a platform to the artworks to stand tall and narrate the story imbibed in colours, strokes and canvas. Undoubtedly, exhibitions are a favourable opportunity to showcase researched series and innovations, especially in curating, to make art exciting in a sophisticated manner. Each exhibition is planned meticulously to give audiences something unique and creative to look forward to. Both the artist and their artworks are given an equal opportunity and exposed to art patrons, art connoisseurs, critics, media, public and private organisations and investors.

Artist’s Directory Haryana Edition

Shanker Art Foundation has initiated a project titled as ‘Artists’ Directory-Haryana Edition’ both in an online and offline medium. The directory will gracefully feature artists from Haryana, their biographies, artworks and contact details. It’s an excellent opportunity of making the Haryana artists come on one single platform of having inter-exchange and intra-exchange of views and opinions and further strengthening the bonding. Moreover, with the directory, they get the exposure to the much more comprehensive national and international community in contact with quality artists. Artists pay nothing to be listed in the Directory. All one has to do is to fill up the entry form and share their details.

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Creative Painters’ & Corporate Art Workshops

Round the year Shanker Art Foundation organises art-based opportunities in the format of workshops, talks and meet-up, which are full of stimulating possibilities that allows one to ignite inspiration, activate observation and appreciate art on a much deeper and rewarding level. These formats cater to different levels and strata be it the stress buster therapy for a corporate workforce, a career option for students who want to pursue art, hobby classes for school-going children who want to learn art at their young age and creative sessions for adults who wish to explore their inculcated talents. Special attention is given to make it a fun based activity involving conceptual learning’s. Moreover, these engaging sessions aim at significantly addressing the dynamics of what goes in the making of an artwork, its representation and interpretation and how to look at it.

Creative Panters Workshop 2016 January 8-10

Art workshop 2014 March 6 with Dealers of NOKIA at The Lalit, New Delhi

Nokia Cortorate Art Workshop 2014 (8)


ARTinfoINDIA.COM is an online initiative of entrenched and rolling Shanker Art Foundation housed in Gurugram with an objective of fostering a robust cultural art landscape. We are always on the edge of engaging art-based communities and exploring possibilities of supporting artists, and organisations. Our radical approach, which has evolved post-inception, is about promoting new and vintage talents, developing and sustaining art workforce, and partnering with art fraternity. We see to it that with the engagement of local artists and organisations we are responsive to local population artistic priorities. We are technically sound and aim at providing state-of-art online surf and are equipped with advanced data storage facilities. We believe in surviving and thriving by working together; therefore, we as a group of artists, with each bringing in a unique creative prowess makes our ambition more meaningful. We hold that by exploring new models in organising exhibitions, workshops, art discussion panels for the creation of individual works, Shanker Art Foundation is always in pursuit of developing a thriving art ecology that is evolving and dynamic and considers to have a team force that reflects society and involves people from every walk of life. We as an Art concern endeavours this production capability to prioritise effective talent development strategies and be serious about taking the creative risks required to make them work.