Raag Basant

Another name of colour is Spring; “Basant”. Spring brings along a torrent of insanity, sprouting latent minds along its way and surging a youthful desire everywhere. Indulged in sheer ecstasy, nature seems to wrap itself in melodies of joy, driving all towards an extreme and boundless pleasure through its harmony. “Raag Basant” with all its opulence, has set the stage here for our Artists to illuminate our minds and the atmosphere with their colourful creativity.

With the advent of Spring, nature effaces all the greyishness of unpleasant coldness of winter. Nature adorns with trees bringing forth new leaves and also with blossoming flowers. The elation and ecstasy awaken the horripilation and to ignite all the colors of BASANT UTSAV in our hearts.
We the people of tropical region dressed in summer are usually warm hearted. Everything in nature seems to be colorful – the sky is bright. This is the season of HOLI (The festival of colours). So the hearts of artisans and artists with their brushes depict various material and abstract paintings.
In this renovation of nature animates – the brook meanderings. Trees , Villages , paths of forests, avenues of cities and towns come to new life with Ashoke , Palash, Jarul as well as Goolmohar landed on the canvases of the devotion of artists gushing profusely before departing.
This Exhibition of our RAAG BASANT is the continuous course of colorful movement which is a silenced veneration and prayer.
Here the confluences of variegated arts of paintings have been presented in variform lines at the immortal touch of their hands. Coming from various quarters the artisan brings the union in diversity which is the tradition of India. Perception has a colour. It is through this colour that it completes comprehension. The day perception becomes colourless; there would possibly be no creativity. It is the mind which awakens the colours of perception. Where do these colours emerge from? It is from Mother Nature. An Artist holds together perception and nature. He ties up creation through possibilities. At times it is abstract, otherwise empirical. Form to formless, light to shade, borders and beyond – the Artist sustains possibilities endlessly in his penance.
It indeed seems to be wonderful in the same form, sound, color, and taste. Two contrary notes are heard— one of necessity and other of joy.


2018 March 6-11

2018 March 6-11(2)

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