We take great pleasure to inform you that Visual Impact and Expressions has endeavored to present an exhibition of Indian Contemporary Art, fusing together various art forms and artists from across the country under one roof.

Rang-E-Aabshaar (Waterfall of colours) is conceptualized by  Neeraj Sharma (Photographer) and Rashmi Jain (Artist). With their artistic bends of mind, they make an attempt to create a mood and celebrate Monsoon in an artistic way, as…..for the creative lot; Monsoon is the season when they bloom.

We all like to celebrate beauty of Monsoon in our own special ways. Even before the rain drops make contact with the Earth’s surface, our hearts and minds begin to work in sync with each other. A new chapter in that book you are writing; another line in those incomplete songs and poems; strokes of your brush on the canvas and sense of limitlessness and liberation all erupt together.

With hues & shades, strokes & clicks ideas & imaginations pouring….

Rang-E-Aabshaar(Waterfall of colours) tries to capture the essence of creativity of 35 artists and showcase it together for art lovers to feast their eyes on.

The expressions of artists are through paintings, photographs, sculptures and ceramics.

As our social responsibility towards society, we conceptualized an idea of keeping “Hand Painted Umbrellas” as artefacts in our show and collection from the sale of these umbrellas will go towards charity.

Legendry artists and senior artists from all over India joined hands with us in this noble cause and stroked umbrellas with extreme enthusiasm. They painted umbrella as their signature to contribute towards society and significantly helped us to raise funds for the needy. We are privileged to have their esteemed participation in this noble initiative.

Artists with great enthusiasm organised a workshop at Women College, Mohali, Punjab and various artists and fine arts students took initiative to paint umbrellas to raise funds for the needy.

All participants of the show also joined hands in the noble cause and painted umbrellas in different styles. We are overwhelmed with the response and are deeply touched. We are grateful to all our artists for their wonderful contribution in this social cause. It has been a great pleasure working with them.

Some artists are painting umbrellas liveduring the show. All painted umbrellas are displayed in the show as artefactsto raise funds for charity.

2017 July 22-26

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