V Leading
V Leading

7 – 16 March, 2016
Triveni Gallery
Triveni Kala Sangam
205 Tansen Marg, New Delhi 1

‘V’ {stands for Vigilante, Vendetta or Vengeance}

Origin : mid 19th century: from Spanish, literally ‘vigilant’.

A member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate. Any person who assumes the authority of the law, as by avenging a crime.

My series of drawings are inspired by the concept of citizen oriented justice. This is a fictional parody of our time. It has nuances of satire and tragedy, both interlaced with the application of drawings to create the ultimate visual drama. The common mans’ fight against the different social diseases or malice is predominant here. It’s satirical depiction of social upheavals and voices for justice and freedom around the world.

It’s the contemporary fight for change for political incumbency as well as economic insecurity. Funny, yet true in every sense, the drawings will definitely make your heart aware of the predicament of the masses.

 “When Impatience Becomes Not an Individual But a Social Experience of Feeling. This is The Introduction for Revolution” – Andrew Hammond

The common man acts as the vigilante here, voicing and fighting against oppression of all kinds. The fight is not against any individual or group or religion. It’s the collective voice against ignorance and terror, which is draining our civil existence of peace, liberty and justice. Terror of all kinds and colour. Visually it challenges the ignorant lot among us. V is the hero here. V is you and me.

“One’s Got to Change The System. Or One Changes Nothing. One Can’t Put Things Right in a Hole – and – Corner Way.” – George Orwell.

Idealism is a utopia in today’s world, but the idea itself is immortal. Bullets can’t pierce it; neither flame can burn it down. You can’t kill it. Idea, always keeps alive, burning bright with the eternal flame of courage and faith in our hearts. All mankind carry that ancient essence of justice and freedom, since the days of Adam. V wears a mask of neutral identity, of truth and allegiance to humanity. The mask has no religion or caste.

We are born with that and will die, with that idea of freedom and justice for one and all in this world.

“The Tyrant Dies and His Rule is Over. The Martyr Dies and His Rule Begins”

– Aristotle

Beneath the Mask are Ideas and Ideas are Bulletproof. Can’t Kill them or burn them. One can argue and confront them. It’s Immortal to the End. V is the Idea !

Call for the Finale
Call for the Finale

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