Webotika’- I am an Alien and this is my space craft by Unnati Singh

Unnati Singh is an international acclaimed artist who inspires with new and innovative mixed media collage paintings and drawings and installations of ready-made objects.

“To pierce into new realms, one must go through an internal and eternal journey of evolution.”

The exhibition is a travelogue that explores the outer limits and inner subconscious realities of contemporary times. Layered in metaphors and symbols of deeply personal and cosmic changes, Unnati Singh allures us to be open-minded and fearless.

Notion preconception is determined by cosmic, scientific, philosophical and physical realities. As an artist, Unnati has the ability to render a visual picture, to make a conceptual idea tangible, and probe into the future.

Although the matter is serious, don’t be deceived, because Unnati awakens, surprises and touches us with her witty imageries. Her work is radiant and humorous. Entering the multi-spaced installations of her works is like falling into a dream. We see superheroes and emoticons co-existing with children book and lexicon cut outs of extinct reptiles and insects, organs and city scans, plants, planets and airplanes.

Curatorial Note by Katharina Domscheit-D’souza

2016 March 4-24 April
2016 March 4-24 April

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