IMPRINTS Spring 2016

Art Imprints is organizing an exhibition of Paintings at Lokayata Art Gallery from 04 Mar to 10 Mar 2016.  The Exhibition showcases works of 9 Indian artists.  The Exhibition is divided to two segments :

Expressions – Works of contemporary art form by well-known artists from Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Kerala and

Experimenting with Time – Paintings of Kerala Mural art form by two established traditional Mural Artists from  Kerala.

Towards end of the exhibition, on 10 Mar 2016 at 11 am and 4 pm, artist Sadanandan P K will present Lecture Demonstration on ‘Kerala Mural – adopting the new media keeping the tradition intact’.  Art Imprints believe this Lecture Demonstration will help the art students and art enthusiasts to understand more about this traditional art form, various experiments happening and how to keep the traditional value of the art form intact while adopting and shifting to the new mediums.

Art Imprints is initiated by Nishada, a Mumbai based organization to provide space / platforms to the young and upcoming artistes through its online Gallery and Exhibitions in various part of India.  We are planning for an International Exhibition towards end of the year.  Art Imprints also plan to expand its services to different part of Asia, Europe and America with cultural exchange programs.

2016 March 4-10
2016 March 4-10

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