Recent works by Vinod Daroz

Vinod Daroz plays with a combination of skill, form and glaze to give an individual identity to sculptural forms rooted in symbolic references.

All works are wheel thrown and altered stoneware fired at 1300°C, built up in layers prior to firing  to create textural surfaces, with metal oxides to provide a distinctive ornamental veneer .He has developed a palette of glazes suitable to his sensibilities. 

His inspiration comes from the temple towns of South India including the  Thousand Lingas at Hampi , Srisailam in Andhra and Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.

Each a bespoke piece, unique in its conceptualization and execution reflecting the artist’s commitment to a uniquely personalized language that unfolds new dimensions of his engagement with clay. 

This is the Artist’s third solo show with Threshold coming after a gap of three years.

2016 February 14-4 March
2016 February 14-4 March

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