Ravindra Kumar Tanwar

For me Photography not only just able to preserve any moment but also shares or feel that very moment from my point of view with others. My pics for me are mere than just an image, as I enjoy taking photos of People, Animals, Traveling, and Objects in their surroundings.

My works are however the reflection of my thoughts and observation around me. These works are exploration of human presence and indivisible relationship with the nature as well as the materialistic world.

So, on the whole Photography for me is self-discovery, meditation and a way out for my thoughts. It’s about how I define myself and my emotions….

Ravindra has sealed some magnificent moments from his surroundings. He is deeply influenced by the Indian culture and rituals. A lot of these works bring out minute observation, scene in which we have grown up and a few that still remain in our subconscious. He has captured the magnificent Holi of Barsana (North India), the festival of colour and joy. Another photograph titled ‘Before the Final Call’ documents the ornamented dancer of indigenous region. These works undoubtedly portray the great moments of the festive life and indicate the mastery of the eye of the photographer.

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