FINETOUCH Cordially invites you to KALABIMB -15 An Art Exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures & Photographs

at OPEN PALM GALLERY, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003

on December 17, 2015 at 05:30 pm The exhibition will remain open from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm from 18th to 21st December, 2015

RSVP : fntouch@hotmail.com Ravindra Kumar Tanwar : 9810361030

2015 December 17-21 (2)
2015 December 17-21

2015 December 17-21 (2)

Theme/ inspiration behind the exhibition (brief write up) :

Artists spend their entire lives, when it comes to CREAT something NEW. We just come in one category of those kinds of people called, VISUAL ARTIST, who paints TRUTH & ORIGINAL.

In this particular field, there are hundreds of great masters, as many of masters and many more, who are unknown master of the field, original in their own, and creating space in their own field.

It is with great pleasure that we carefully bring together and create a common platform for the artists across the country to celebrate the power of our visual idioms.

“KALABIMB” is an exposition by Nine artists of India, displaying varied mediums of their visual languages as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mix media. The participating artists include-

Mr. Ashish Deshmukh, Ms. Balwinder Tanwar, Mr. Maneesh Mandoliya, Mr. Rajeev, Mr. Rambali Prajapati, Mr. Ramchandra Pokale, Mr. Ravindra Kumar Tanwar, Mr. Sanjeev Shashwati, Mr. Stitadhi Rath

The idea of emancipation has been the greatest desire and search of human mind / life since his existence. It has been a vivid desire of man, and so, a vivid theme of all art and artists of all eras.  The present exhibition also revolves around the idea of natural, social or emotional limitations of human mind and social living and the desire to go beyond to attain liberation.

It is amazing to discern the similarity of direction of thought of all artists, coming from diverse milieus, diverse backgrounds and professions, but, belonging to almost the same age group… Maybe it is the age of passing from the inner shell of heart to jump into the outer world, with intention of sharing, discussing and spreading the ideas of growth and evolution with their fellow beings, to be able to lay down stronger building blocks for their future generations…

About their works :

Ashish Deshmukh : As a practicing artist he likes to make people aware of healing abilities that nature is capable off. It is about raising a question in human minds that how can the power of nature neglected. He uses images of lions and tigers as a symbol for depicting the wilderness of nature. They are also the symbols of aggression that nature resides in itself. It is about fighting our own destructive thoughts to come in harmony with nature.

The use of bottles in his artworks bounds the viewers’ attention to limited space focusing more on the subject matter; it also acts like a cage of poisoned thinking in which humans have bounded themselves which is receding them from the path of betterment and salvation. The incorporation of minute details of nature in his artworks brings the sensitive nature of the environment into focus.

Ashish Deshmukh Woodcut 7

Balwinder Tanwar : She is as an artist who is feminist by heart and socialist by Nature. For her painting is a medium to express herself, which takes her beyond the spiritual experiences. Whenever she came across the canvas, ideas from the subconscious floats and, she tries to transform those ideas gently with the help of human and some time non-human forms.

Here in her latest works she had experimented with human forms re-arranging them in her own colors and compositions to provide a new sight of social life. They are the reflection of our social life and a mirror to our reality. The work expresses that there is an existence of the supreme power which controls us, at the same time instance we see the man made depiction of the gender biases the society is dealing with.

Balwinder Tanwar Trapped Dreams Acrylic on Canvas  36 x 48 Inches 2014
Balwinder Tanwar Trapped Dreams Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 48 Inches 2014
Balwinder Tanwar Recoil Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 48 Inches
Balwinder Tanwar Recoil Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 48 Inches

Maneesh Mandoliya : My work of art to purpose in exploring the common man`s life in urban environments caught up in the process of industrialization an urban decay is the main theme of my paintings. People who live together yet remain oblivious to each other existence, chasing ambitions, fighting and struggling for an existence. They resemble a mod of caged soul.

My paintings are experimentation where I make an effort to put myself both painted and photographic image. I like to draw just what I see, not what I want to see.

Maneesh Mandoliya Urban Existence mix media on canvas 140 x 100 cm
Maneesh Mandoliya Urban Existence mix media on canvas 140 x 100 cm

Rajeev Kumar : I generally get inspiration from day to day activities and things happening around us. Instinctive Human behaviours teach me a lot of things as it give an insight to our souls.

My sculptures are combination of natural and fictional situations. I try to get new meaning by arranging different things in interesting manner. I use readymade objects in imaginary forms to do my work, and give new identity to those things. My sculptures represent subconscious state of our mind which may be good or evil. My work also tries to highlight the hidden side of our two faced society.

Rajeev Kumar Ti-Composition Mix Media 24 x 23 x 22 cm
Rajeev Kumar Ti-Composition Mix Media 24 x 23 x 22 cm

Rambali Prajapati : Journey from a potters family of UP through Varanasi art college to the recognition by Hon’ble President shows the struggle and depth of a humble and firm Artist Rambali. In his own expression “If art is salvation, so is hunger. There is restlessness, so is peace, here Life and Death are beside. Where art helps to know the world, it cognizes to self. Where, in his works Soil fragrance engulfs, on other hand urban reality is also well presented. His works talks about day to day struggle and aftermath of urbanization on the name development.

His recent works, rooted from early days of his life, reminds us back to the Henri Matisse last works in 1953 in regard to colour selection.

Rambali Prajapati Untitled Installation Mix Media 75 x 36 x 20 Inches 2014
Rambali Prajapati Untitled Installation Mix Media 75 x 36 x 20 Inches 2014

Ramchandra Pokale : Combining thought and theme, Ramchandra Pokale’s paintings plays out the many moods of the celestial Krishna, through the mystic notes of the eternal flute. As the lyrical sounds mesmerize the senses, the eye gazes upon the physical form reproduced on the canvas, and through the perfections of subject, composition and backdrop, beckons every viewer to recast the myth expressed in his or her own terms.

The works forms a new series in the artist’s journey of self-discovery through an investigative-cum-artistic approach to art thereby casting the form in an idiom which is welcoming of sophisticated interpretation.

Ramchandra Pokale did his academics from Nagpur University with first class first position in BFA. He is a recipient of many prestigious awards & honours. He had 7 solo exhibitions and 64 group exhibitions. He lives and works in New Delhi since 2001.

Ramchandra Pokale Bansidhar 24
Ramchandra Pokale Bansidhar 24

Ravindra Kumar Tanwar : Passionate photographer, Trained Graphic Designer, and Art Motivator by profession. He says “Photography helps to release my intense creative urges and communicate what I feel and see”. His experience as a visual designer helps him to see beauty in mundane things. His works are a mix of places, environmental portraits and people. He likes to use the interplay of light, textures and colours to create unusual and complex forms that seduce the viewer. Try to extract beauty out of ordinary surroundings and convert them into visually appealing images and at the same time using concepts and techniques that are grounded in the domain of fine art. His photographs are about the people who live there. In his words “the encounters with the people you meet are often what make a trip memorable”. The human connection and learning of what it’s like to live somewhere leads him to find these experiences through his photography

Ravindra Kumar Tanwar Faces from Pushkar
Ravindra Kumar Tanwar Faces from Pushkar

Sanjeev Shaswati : In a first appearance, very familiar figures from surroundings, start speaking volume of artist emotional and his observation about human behavior. He has developed a beautiful technique of combining ink and water colour to produce simple yet elegant melody of human and nature to bring out soul of his works. His Paintings excelled in pen and ink with occasional touch of colours.

His works, where Imitates nature, occupies the main share, consists human anatomy with day to day stories. He believes in exploring the interpersonal relation and triumphant spirit of the woman, through his works.

Sanjeev Shashwati 2015
Sanjeev Shashwati 2015

Stitadhi Rath : Once upon a time in state, his area was fumes for art and cultural activities. On that time that area was a Feudatory Estate and known as Ghumusara Province. So many kinds of artists’ like- craftsmen, singers, lyrics, writers, folk dancers etcetera were living over here. Now that art and cultural activates are going to lapsed and artists are diverted there mind for doing another work. He wants to save this art and cultural activities because it is like a diamond treasury of our country. So he paint and give the actual shape of this Art and activities are on his canvas. It might save his area’s culture for up-coming years.

Stitadhi Rath
Stitadhi Rath

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