Story Teller: Stories Told & Retold-III

Art Konsult Presents Stories Told & Retold III A Solo Show of Mixed Media Works by Vinita Dasgupta
at Visual Arts Gallery From 19November until 22 November, 2015

2015 November 19-22

As Vinita moves deeper into understanding and practicing this direction in her practice, she is also beginning to realize that within this idiom there is a great possibility of conceptual fine- tuning and experimentation. These works have captured the imagination of viewers, yet the artist is looking for more…eager to talk a tightrope between making her practice more deeply personal, and universal….to entrench her works deep into the dialog of contemporary, yet go deeper into her love for craft and the handmade. The Storytellers is standing on the edge. Rooted and yet ready to take off. The contemporary art world is enormously blossoming with extraordinary thoughts supported by multi-faceted engine of global productivity. Mostly contemporary art which is also associated with hybridism is influenced by concurrent events and issues, the artists of the present times, tend to showcase hyperrealism, new media creations, installation art, digital representations, and public awareness.

Art Konsult brings forth the artworks of Vinita Dasgupta, an emerging artist who has passionately entered the contemporary art world, and her artworks boldly vocalise her knack for experimentation and perfection. The ‘Storyteller Series’ is a genuine exploration through the relationship between the medium & textures now and then using photographs, prints, folk art motifs, paints interwoven with intriguing thoughts, emotional association with utmost ingenuity and passion. The artistic works coined as ‘new media’ express her modernist expressive view point to figuration and are deeply associated with her quest for memories, belongings in a cultural setup, fused together with colours of life.

In Vinita’s words, ‘I create these works using a loose blend of overlapping elements. The elements say one thing ‘‘Individuality’’, yet placed together, the message is more complicated and less certain’. In an attempt to search for individuality, the technique she uses is to intricately cut out photographs, canvases, prints bearing folk art motifs into numerous sizes, roll them and finally paste them on board to create three dimensional imagery of a story or a character. The outcome is that these pieces are more like pictures of a state of mind, a distracted, half conscious state that causes jumble of unrelated things: scraps of memory, floating impressions, thoughts and feelings that float in a disorganised mix.



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