Harminder Singh Boparai

With acute intensity and warm sensitivity, Harminder Singh Boparai attunes his imagination into form, picked up and turned-over to be fully realized as they transform with every turn and during the process the material merges the emotive and the external with the personal. A make over of trash by him turns into an admirable piece of art. For instance, a sculpture depicting a bee on a flower, he uses cast away cooler fans for petals and discarded foot rests of a scooter for the wings of the bee. In another sculpture symbolizing two dancing girls, the artist uses old milk containers to create the girls’ dresses supported by twisted iron rods for limbs.
His art is not just limited to create the best out of waste though. His latest achievement is the Silver Minar award, the highest in the art category, at the recently concluded Delhi International Film Festival. He had showcased a sculpture symbolic of the logo of British entertainment firm HMV. The famous and one of the most loved logo shows a little dog (named Nipper) sitting inquisitively before a gramophone listening to his master’s voice coming from the horn.

Artist Statement :

I have a passion for all the discarded things and am even a compulsive hoarder. What seems unappealing or quirky to others is inspiration to me. I look for my object of beauty at unlikely places  in waste bins and garbage dumps  and transform the objects of my fancy into three-dimensional figurines. I love turning the everyday objects into interesting things. This is also my way to conserve nature by recycling metal.


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