Vipin Kumar Yadav

Vipin’s work deals with an interaction between two distinct objects which he establishes with a minimalistic approach. Most of these objects used by him are parts of machines or mechanical form, which he interestingly captures through his creative process. He also incorporates movements and motions metaphorically relating them to human emotions. He uses various layers of colours to get the desired texture and to establish an act between the forms. He captures a freeze moment of an ongoing act between two objects. The web strokes, interspersed with bleeding colours create spaces for interpreting and meaning in the abstract. The play is between the various planes of paint, applied with soft strokes, interspersed with lighter and darker shades. His paintings capture mostly partially cut objects in order to give a feeling that they are not only painted but are also a part of the surrounding.

I have encountered art in its various forms, shapes and stylizations and I pursue it in a more abstract way to express my thoughts and ideas. Fascination towards industrial landscapes and machines allows me to develop a language which also incorporates human emotions and their behaviour in my artworks, Paintings, mundane objects and machines has given a new way and dimension to explore my artistic views. My interest in animation makes it possible to make these mechanical forms more flexible

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