Ritu Bhatnagar

Ritu is a civil engineer with masters in environment engineering. Painting has been her
passion since childhood, a dream which became virtual in the convexities of married life &
the upbringing of her lovely kids and the tide of studies. As the kids grew up and the
motivation, inspiration & coaching from Mrs. Shobha Broota & Mrs. Vijaya Bagai, the
dimension of art in her life observed a new sunrise in 2007. She spends most of her time
transforming her kaleidoscope of thoughts into introspective geometric designs &

Truly inspired by her exposure to the Hindu, Islamic & Christian culture during the years
gone by, her love for nature & humanity, the readings of Osho & Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and
her education background, she has developed her own distinctive language of art.

Painting is her key to the secret world, a world of magic, fantasies, joy and fulfilment. The
process of transforming lines into beautiful paintings strikes her as magical. And over the
years this magical process has filled her with sense of accomplishment & colours of life
and has been a most satisfying means of translating her inner vision to outer reality.

Her artwork is mainly abstracts in oil replete with human philosophy and emotions. Lines
are one of the most fundamental features of nature. Organization takes energy and
forming straight lines would be organization to a degree. Expressing lines into beautiful
art and communicating emotion & state of mind through its character gives me great
satisfaction and exhilaration. Her art makes her visualize & feel emotions deeper than she
has ever dreamed of, higher than the heavens above. It lets her express her insights and
thoughts with passion & spontaneity.

They are reflection of happy times, positive energy, exuberance, serenity and tranquillity.
Life is a journey through many terrains – from gardens of pleasure to deserts of pain, from
an ocean of love to a jungle of hate, from mountains of glory to canyons of fate. These
various emotions showcased in her artwork reflect the various fragrances of human life.

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