Simret Jandu

Painting has been for me poetry in colors and forms…

It has been an expression and record of my perspective of the external world; as well as the inner vision and  its ultimate expression through the material residue.

A placid process of discovery and self  discovery …..a thought process constantly under evolution.

I understand that art is one medium of search and research of the self and the external world, of society and of all element and emotion that builds it. From this fact, I have become of  conviction that art has higher goals to fulfill, other than just being a means to decorate the walls. It has the power to grasp the present moments, to remember the past moments and to design the future moments. More than a means of introspections, it is a means of retrospective study of man, society and nature…..

As art is a strong means of communication, it should be used to take ahead the strong cultural and moral values of the culture, which could support the building blocks of the society to be fabricated by our future generations… The present works are depictions from an introspective point of view, they portray a woman and the movement of her  mind and status of her  soul.  The works glorify her strengths and limitations in the external world.

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