2012 Poster Gratitude

National Art Center, Gurgaon was established in 1979 by Sh. Roop Chand, a well known painter, writer, philosopher, poet, critic and sculptor and know as Indian Picasso among friends, with a sole aim to promote Art & Art Activities and to motivate young & aspiring artists at national and international level.

It was time when there were very few artists in Gurgaon and most of them struggling. In the past 33 years National Art Center has extended help in modest way to disadvantaged artists by providing them with art material and space for exhibitions, and sometimes, financial help as well says Roop Chand.

During its glorious past, National Art Center, Gurgaon was the only meeting point to discuss art developments and activities in Gurgaon region. Eminent personalities like Mulk Raj Anand (writer), B.C. Sanyal (the doyen of modernism in Indian art), K.S. Kulkarni (doyen in Arts), Dhanik Lal Mandal (then Governor of Haryana), Ram S. Verma (then Principal Secretary to Chief Minister-Haryana), M. Vardhrajan (then Secretary Culture, Govt. of India), S.K. Bohria (then Commissioner- Gurgaon), Col. Shastri (SNS Foundation), S.K. Khullar (then Commissioner Municipal Corporation- Gurgaon), L.S.M. Salins (then Commissioner- Gurgaon) and Kumari Shailja (Minister of Culture- Govt. of India) are among the frequent visitors and they lauded the activities of National art Center, Gurgaon. Artists from other countries like Sweden and Sri Lanka used to visit National Art Center, Gurgaon and stay for months to take part in art workshops & activities.

As, National Art Center, Gurgaon has always been a motivational force and given so much to the art learners and lovers, its time to say ‘THANKS’. To mark the 33rd anniversary of the National Art Centre, Gurgaon,ARTINFOINDIA.COM (an Art Portal) has organized this art exhibition “GRATITUDE” (an art show by Gurgaon based established and upcoming creative people) in the premises of National Art Center, Gurgaon, says Neeraj Sharma, curator of the show.

The show is exclusive in its own way as 33 artists based in Gurgaon would be displaying their works of art and showing gratitude towards National Art Center, Gurgaon- says Kishore Chawla founder of ARTINFOINDIA.COM

The exhibition was inaugurated by General (Retd.) Jeet Khanna and Mrs. Goldy Malhotra, Principal (Retd.) Modern School, Delhi was the Guest of Honor.

The has mounted this exhibition of Gurgaon’s 33 artists on the occasion of 33rd anniversary of National art Centre.

The is a website that gives opportunity to artists to reach the art connoisseurs round the globe. Its installers Kishore Chawla and Neeraj Sharma also conducts art events. This is their first endeavor which has full support of National Art Centre says -Roop Chand, Chairman
National Art Centre, Gurgaon.


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